Who We Are

Companies looking to succeed in the international arena want employees with a global mindset, the ability to work across cultures and borders, are motivated to bring the business to a new market, all while exhibiting a uniform corporate culture.

We agree! 

Since 1990, the Center for Global Business Protocol has focused on empowering you to be a confident, credible and self-aware executive capable of competing in the international marketplace and the global community.

Are you worried you will look foolish in a business situation that is outside your comfort zone?

Are you concerned that your ability to compete in the global arena is not all it could and should be?

Are you up to the task of achieving the business outcomes you’ve predicted?

Are you comfortable acting as host of a business dinner for your company anywhere in the world?

Is your company a credible player in the global marketplace?

Melinda Crews, Founder and President
Crews MelindaMelinda is a trainer, coach and consultant in Relationship Management, Engagement Strategies and Corporate Etiquette and International Business Protocol. One of only 4,000 trained and certified consultants in Protocol Intelligence worldwide; Melinda brings a solid track record of creating value across and among industries and sectors with a notable achievement in converting $500 seed capital into a $$$ million dollar self-funded Strategic Marketing Company for an international B2B customer base. Her expertise extends to international business development, protocol and compliance projects for:

  • Telecommunications: Verizon • SES • Belgacom • France Telecom • Deutsche Telekom • British Telecom
  • Diversified: General Electric
  • Commercial Real Estate: Capital Properties • Cooper-Horowitz • Urban Land Institute
  • Financial Services: Ameriprise • HSBC • UBS • Lehman Bros. • GE Capital • Citibank • Société Générale • JP Morgan
  • Business Solutions: Konica Minolta • Ricoh • Savin • Gestetner • Lanier • Monroe
  • Information Services: EDGAR Online • IHS/JS Herold • Reuters
  • Transportation: Virgin Atlantic • Lufthansa • Hertz
  • The Arts: Lincoln Center • Brooklyn Museum of Art

Melinda is a graduate of Fairfield University’s School of Corporate and Political Communication (MA) in Fairfield, CT; the University of Connecticut’s French Literature, Culture and Communication Program (BA), the University of Rouen, France (Troisième Degré) and is a licensed Corporate Etiquette and International Business Protocol Consultant trained by The Protocol School of Washington.

Melinda possesses a unique combination of skills which make her a valued member of any strategic team. On one hand, she has an appreciation of how corporate etiquette and business protocol are key elements in any organization’s strategic plan. On the other, she is also able to engage both senior and junior business leaders and help them and their teams develop the soft skills necessary to succeed in the international arena. Thus, Melinda represents the “Coming of Age” for corporate etiquette and international protocol consultants who have rightfully earned a “seat at the table”.

Robert Hickey, Deputy Director, Protocol School of Washington, trainer, speaker, and author of “Honor & Respect.

Melinda has an elegant approach to her work. She has a deep understanding of how the C-suite functions and great insight into the motivations of people. Finally, she is highly resourceful and resilient and a pleasure to do business with.

–  Michele Dunn, Master Instructor and Executive Coach, GE Global Learning

Melinda is an exceptional business partner. Few individuals can match her ability to listen to business challenges and conduct outstanding staff work to identify alternative solutions which deliver results. Melinda is very creative and offers flexibility to “do whatever it takes” to achieve agreed to goals.”

– Rusty McKee, Business Solutions Executive